July 24, 2024


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Paro International Airport – The First Choice Among Bhutan Tour Operators

Paro International Airport – The First Choice Among Bhutan Tour Operators

Located at a whopping 7300 feet above sea level, Paro International Airport is perhaps one of the most elevated airports in the world. It is the first as well as the only aviation landing choice for Bhutan tour operators and visitors alike planning a Bhutan travel experience. Why you ask? Because Paro International Airport is Bhutan’s only airport. Surprised? We were too, but not for too long. After all, Bhutan is a really tiny kingdom and isn’t known as the Land of Happiness for nothing.

Paro Airport and the Ultimate Bhutan Travel Experience

Your Bhutan travel experience, which provides you an unprecedented opportunity in cultural immersion not to mention an environment that is virtually pollution-free, commences even before you land at the Paro International Airport. On a bright sunny day, you will be serenaded by breath-taking views of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan mountain range of which Mt. Everest is an intrinsic part. The Bhutan tour operator with whom you have signed up to experience the real Bhutan in all its majestic and magnificent glory, will provide you precise aireal landmarks and tell you what to look for from your airplane window. The views may seem a tad intimidating but not to worry. Your flight crew has thousands of hours of flight experience and only the most competent pilots are assigned the critical responsibility of piloting aircraft into Bhutan as we will illustrate in a moment.

A Blessing for all Bhutan Tour Operators

Situated in a deep valley on the banks of the Paro river only six km from the city of Paro, which makes it very easy for all the Bhutan tour operators to meet and greet you punctually, the airport is very sate-of-the-art with a runway that is 6445 feet long and paved with asphalt. The latest navigational gismos, radar technologies and CAT-3 systems not withstanding, the Bhutan government doesn’t believe in taking any chances when it comes time to safeguard your safety. Flights are allowed to land only during the day when visibility is excellent. Flights are diverted to neighboring airports in India at a moment’s notice if weather conditions change rapidly and suddenly. After all, the peaks that surround the Paro International Airport at 18,000 feet high! As of October 2009, there were only eight pilots certified to land at Paro International Airport according to a report published in Travel &Leisure Magazine by American Express. To date, the flight safety record of Druc Air, which flies into the airport daily, has been stellar.

The Welcome Mat from Bhutan Tour Operators

Regardless of the time of the day or year you fly into Paro International Airport, your Bhutan tour operator will be there to welcome you. It is a small airport with only one terminal and four gates so you will be easy to spot and aren’t going to get lost. Paro International Airport isn’t simply your gateway to Mt. Everest but also a meaningful connection, a launching pad for your wonderful Bhutan trip.