COVID journey sparks memory of Mount Kilimanjaro climb

We climb some mountains for the thrill of achieving the summit. We climb other individuals in order to endure. During the pandemic, we have all climbed mountains of isolation, despair, boredom, panic and economic uncertainty. 

I was a short while ago reminded of climbing another mountain — Mount Kilimanjaro. In retrospect it seems like a prologue for surviving COVID-19. Mount Kilimanjaro is the best mountain in Africa and the maximum solitary free of charge-standing mountain in the entire world at 19,341 feet. 

My reminder was an e-mail from my fellow climber now dwelling in Australia. Connected was an old Mount Kilimanjaro trail map with its tips for a climber to seek the services of a guide and 4 porters, allow eight to 10 days for correct acclimatization to the extreme altitude, and prevent “the long rains in April and May.”