June 13, 2024


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Four Fun Activities You Can Do at Bali Safari Marine Park

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Bali is indeed an island in Indonesia with very diverse flora and fauna. Not only has beautiful nature as well as exotic and rare animals. Here, you can enjoy a variety of tours.

One of the tourist destinations that you shouldn’t miss during your stopover in Bali is the  safari park bali or Bali Safari Marine Park. Here, you will find various types of animals, even animals that have been threatened with extinction can also be found here.

Bali Safari Marine Park has a tourism concept which features the natural habitat of wild animals. This holiday destination is very suitable to be visited with friends and family.

Fun Activities at Bali Safari Marine Park

This tour is located in Gianyar, the location is approximately 17 kilometers from Denpasar city. This place is also a conservation institution for many animals from three regions: Africa, India, and Indonesia. Here are a variety of exciting activities that you can do at Bali Safari Marine Park:

Sightseeing the animals

Want to experience what it’s like to be close to wild animals in their natural habitat? At Bali Safari Marine Park, you can experience it. You can go on an adventure directly to see various animals, even endangered animals.

Breakfast with Lions

Want to travel while trying a unique experience? How about having breakfast with the lions directly? You can experience this at Bali Safari Marine Park. You will be accompanied by a lion while eating a delicious meal. Have you imagined what it would be?

Watching Elephants in Action

Bali Safari Marine Park also provides elephant shows. Here, the elephants will show off their respective talents. If you visit Bali Safari Marine Park with children, this place is very suitable to be used as a means of entertainment as well as learning. The elephants in this show are well-trained.

See Tigers Closely at Night Safari

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if a tiger were in front of you? At Bali Safari Marine Park, you can feel this sensation. When you join a night safari, you will be invited to go around in a dark forest which is their natural habitat. You can also feed the tiger directly, there is no need to be afraid because this tour is very safe even though the distance is very close.

These various activities are too good for you to miss. Besides visiting the Bali Safari Marine Park, you can also stop at Suluban Beach Cave. From Bali Safari Marine Park, it is only 1 hour away to get to Suluban Beach.