July 22, 2024


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Holiday Villas in Bulgaria

Holiday Villas in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in South east Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.To the north it borders on Romania, to the west on the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to the east on the Black Sea, to the south on Greece and to the south east on Turkey’s European part.

Bulgaria shares borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, and Turkey. Two mountain ranges and two great valleys mark the topography of Bulgaria, a country the size of Tennessee and situated on the Black Sea. The Maritsa is Bulgaria’s principal river, and the Danube also flows through the country.

Bulgaria is one of the up and coming travel destinations in Europe and has seen a massive growth in the holiday villa and holiday apartments market. Holiday makers are amazed by its beautiful and diverse scenery and the beaches are regarded as some of the best in Europe.

Bulgaria is a country of notable diversity with the landscape ranging from the Alpine snow-capped peaks in Pirin, Rila the Balkan Mountains to the sunny Black Sea coast. Many tourists stay in holiday villas in the Rila Mountains as they find that the freedom and independence that the holiday villas afford them, enable them to explore the country side at their leisure.

Lovers of the outdoor lifestyle go hiking and climbing in the mountains enjoying their stunning views and natural habitat. It is also becoming a popular travel destination for holiday makers who like to bike ride in the summer months. In the winter months the mountains are a popular skiing destination. The ski chalets are popular for people coming on vacation offering skiing for the novice and the experienced skier.

The lovers of sun, sea and sand flock to the Black Sea Coast in ever increasing numbers. They are drawn there by the superb Mediterranean climate and stay in many of the new holiday villas and self catering apartments. Although some of these beach resorts are fairly new, they have quickly established themselves as some of the best value for money vacations in Europe.

The North West of Bulgaria is also a popular destination for vacations with many tourists taken in by the charm of the locals and the county side has many architectural gems to offer. There are charming holiday cottages available for rental and they act as an ideal base to explore the stunning countryside.

Bulgaria’s climate is a temperate continental climate with four seasons. A Mediterranean influence is felt in the country’s southern regions and has led to the building of many holiday villas to cater for tourists in the summer.