July 25, 2024


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Is Cyprus Worth the Money?

Is Cyprus Worth the Money?

Holiday deals to Cyprus can sometimes seem a bit more expensive than other Mediterranean locations. Is it worth the money? We look at how you could find a cheaper deal by shopping around.

Looking at the prices of flights and hotel deals to Cyprus, it’s clear that they are often more expensive than some other locations. You can often, for example, find lower prices if you’re looking to travel to one of the many popular Spanish islands.

When discussing prices, it’s important to distinguish between Ayia Napa and the rest of the island. There are clearly some low priced deals on offer of you wish to travel to Ayia Napa. Why would that be?

One clear reason is that visitors to Ayia Napa are often looking for a different holiday experience to those traveling to alternative destinations on the island. For many, Ayia Napa is all about the nightlife.

It’s a resort that people travel to in order to enjoying the thriving music scene. The quality of the accommodation is often of rather less consequence. For this reason, budget deals are easily found in Ayia Napa.

The rest of the island tends to appeal more to families. Many of the hotels are of a high standard and the weather conditions tend to be hot and dry – perfect for those looking to spend time relaxing by the swimming pool or on the beach.

That’s one of the reasons why prices tend to be higher. So is it worth the money?

Cyprus offers a unique experience and is ideal for those traveling with children. The local people are very welcoming and the facilities are generally to a very high standard. This all helps to make Cyprus good value, particularly if you can get a better deal.

Shop around and see what’s available online. Booking package deals on the internet can be an excellent way to save money – you may even find that you can have a cheaper trip to Cyprus than you might imagine.

Take advantage of lower prices to enjoy this unique island atmosphere.