June 19, 2024


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Melbourne Vs Sydney: Choosing which city to live in

With living costs across the US rising, it’s no surprise that many American citizens are choosing to pack their bags and move to Australia. If you’re one of them, before you pack your belongings up ready to ship them from the USA to Australia, you’ll want to consider which city to live in.

To help you decide, we’ve rounded up some key considerations when it comes to living in each city.


If you’re trying to decide which city is right for you, one of the first things to be aware of is the weather. Unlike Sydney where it’s normally T-shirt weather all year round, Melbourne is significantly cooler during June and August (their winter). As such, you’ll need to pack a few layers and jumpers if a move to Melbourne is on the cards.
However, Sydney can also be wet and is often more humid than Melbourne, which should also be taken into consideration.

What is there to do?

If you’re moving to Australia, you’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty to do. Luckily, you won’t be short of options in either city. If you’re an outdoorsy type, Sydney is likely to be the best fit. Outdoor activities range from kayaking to climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. If you enjoy hiking, Sydney is also close to the Hawkesbury River and the dramatic scenery at the Royal National Park.  But that’s not to say Melbourne doesn’t have a lot to offer. Melbourne boasts exciting biking trails, hot-air ballooning, and exhilarating hikes in the Dandenong Ranges.

Cost of living

With the average household debt in the US being $155,662, we know how important it is that you can afford to live in the city you choose to move to. Unfortunately, as both cities are highly desirable, living in either Sydney or Melbourne isn’t cheap!
With this being said, you’ll likely get more for your money living in Melbourne.


If you’re looking for a hip, trendy place to live, then Melbourne might just have the edge. Amongst mass development in both cities, where Melbourne has managed to retain its general vibe, quirks and sense of self, Sydney can occasionally feel a little soulless in comparison. Yet, that’s not to say that there aren’t cool places to hang out if you choose to live in Sydney.


If you work hard and party harder, you may be interested to know where has better nightlife.
Since Sydney’s lively Kings Cross area was shut down, the nightlife scene there has dwindled. What was once a great place to go out now seems empty after nightfall.
Melbourne on the other hand is known for its vibrant nightlife and abundance of cool bars serving weird and wonderful cocktails into the early hours. If you’re looking for nightlife, Melbourne is the place to be!