April 18, 2024


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Negril Vacations

Vacations in Negril are silently becoming the epitome of Jamaica’s tourism. Montego Bay is still dubbed the tourist capitol of Jamaica but it’s quite obvious that Negril is closing in on both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.  Just 30 years ago it was nothing more than a camping ground infested with mosquitoes without any significant developments. In fact the people who used to vacation there were hippies, who embraced the lack of uniformity and open space that Negril offered.

Jamaica and Negril in particular were conducive to the lifestyle of hippies. Not only could they relate to the freedom which Jamaica provides but many aspects of the Rastafarian beliefs were also part of their way of life. There is a subculture in Jamaica that appreciates nature, freedom, and a counter of cultural attitudes.

Perhaps the laid back attitude that Negril is now known for was born out of that culture. Although it is a place for everyone with the newly built tourist resorts, the rustic west end still embodies the simple way of vacationing, it is an intimate place for vacations. It is truly a fun place and it’s hard for anyone to become bored while vacationing here. The world famous 7 mile white sand beach and the highly celebrated Rick’s Cafe known for its cliff diving are awesome. Overall Negril is primarily a tourist destination and so all businesses are geared towards making visitors feeling as comfortable and happy as possible. If I had to choose where to spend my vacation in the Caribbean it definitely would be Negril.