April 22, 2024


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Strolling Around Mumbai Beaches

Mumbai tourism in not just famous for its ancient caves, monuments, art galleries, restaurants, suburbs and Mumbai local, it is also popular for the Mumbai beaches. Situated on the western coast of the Indian subcontinent, Mumbai has a good number of beaches. However, most of them are usually crowded and get dirty thanks to the crowd. The less explored ones are better and cleaner, and remain pristine and uncluttered as well. One can visit the happening Mumbai beaches as well as go to the far off secluded ones, whichever they fancy.

Most of these ocean shores are good for a stroll on sand, while very few are recommended for swimming. Here are few of them that are suggested for the tourists by Mumbai tourism.

1. Juhu Beach: This is not just one of the Mumbai beaches, but it’s a landmark in itself. In the evening it gets absolutely crowded with people, mostly families with children. On the main portion of this beach, one would find a number of food stall selling delicious local snacks and fruit juices. Alcohol on the beaches is banned in Mumbai, so one would not find it anywhere. Many hawkers frequently walk around the beaches to sell colorful toys and balloons. Here one would find many good hotels that face towards the sea.

2. Chowpatty Beach: Located towards the northern end of Marine Drive of the metropolitan, it is a hotspot for most of the young crowd and family. It also witnesses a huge flow of tourists as well. This well maintained place has many stalls that sell refreshments, snacks and sweet meats. It has been also a shooting spot for many Hindi movies in the past; if one is lucky enough then he may get to see an ongoing shooting here.

3. Gorai Beach: This is located on the north-western part of Mumbai. To reach here, one has to take a ferry and cross Manori Creek. The best thing about this beach is that it doesn’t get too crowded and so it cleaner than the other Mumbai beaches of this area. Though on the weekends, a lot of people flock here so it would be better to visit on weekdays. Here one can jump into the ocean and swim a little, the restaurants here serve excellent seafood as well as other local delicacies.

4. Marve Beach: Situated in the western Malad suburbs of Mumbai, this is a fine place to come for sun and sand. However, the beach is absolutely dangerous for sinking sand as well as strong underwater currents. There are numerous villas besides the beach on the road, which is owned by the rich city dwellers. To reach the Marve beach one could take an auto rickshaw or a taxi.

5. Aksa Beach: It is the cleanest beach of Mumbai because it is visited by very few people. There are many resorts nearby to stay for the night if one wishes to spend the weekend here. It is not recommended to venture too much in the waters since a lot of people have drowned here in the past.