February 29, 2024


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5 Best agencies for hot air balloon rides in Morocco!

5 Best agencies for hot air balloon rides in Morocco!

Visiting Morocco is an excellent idea to live a dream vacation. This is the country where you can admire the beauty of nature but also do many activities. In Morocco, you cannot get bored because there is always a new activity waiting for you. Speaking of which, have you ever tried the hot air balloon ride? Whatever your answer, it is time to experience this incredible adventure in Morocco. This is why we will share with you, in this article, the five best hot air ballooning agencies in Morocco.

Ciel d’Afrique

What sets this agency apart is its many years of experience. Operating since 1990, Ciel d’Afrique has acquired sufficient expertise in the field. This will ensure that you, as a passenger, have a safe hot air balloon ride that will turn out exactly as you imagined. With African skies, and as the name suggests, you will admire the beauty of Morocco as you soar high in the skies. A great opportunity not to be missed if you are looking to have a good time with the assistance of really qualified specialists.

Morocco Ballooning

Morocco Ballooning is among the agencies that take their work very seriously. It is an agency that uses its expertise in the field to offer its clients impeccable service that meets their expectations and requirements. Morocco Ballooning offers a wide range of services to its customers to respond effectively to their budgetary constraints. Also, it aims to offer private rides so that each passenger has the chance to live the experience of their dreams in safety and at an affordable price.

5 Best agencies for hot air balloon rides in Morocco!

Agadir Ballooning

Agadir is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It is well known for the beauty of its beach and for its cultural mix, which dazzles any visitor to the city. So, if you are passing through Agadir, do not hesitate to contact Agadir Ballooning to take you on a magnificent adventure of flight and freedom. This agency is trusted and has the best customer service. With your satisfaction as the sole motivation, the agency will do its best to support you in this experience of a lifetime.

Agadir Sunrise Balloon

For a luxurious hot air ballooning ride, do not hesitate to choose Agadir Sunrise Balloon. This is perfect for a walk-in the sky where you will have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the High Atlas Mountains. Magnificent landscapes that will astound you and from which you will fall in love. With Agadir Sunrise Balloon, you will be under the responsibility of a team of competent and qualified professionals. They know what to do and will keep you safe. So now is the perfect time to book your next ride, right?

Marrakech by Air

Besides Agadir, Marrakech is one of the cities that you can choose to see from a bird’s eye view. The red city is beautiful to see and you will have the opportunity to admire its historical monuments, its natural landscapes, and its beautiful view overlooking the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech by Air is then the agency to choose if you plan to live an unforgettable adventure!