July 24, 2024


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A Guide to Duty Free Magazines

A Guide to Duty Free Magazines

Airlines can benefit considerably financially from onboard duty free sales. While embedded in-flight entertainment systems are commonly used to inform passengers of what’s available to purchase, there still remains an important role for the printed duty free magazine.

Even with great in-flight entertainment available onboard such as movies, TV shows and music, there will inevitably be moments during a flight when passengers have time on their hands to read printed publications including the inflight duty free magazine.

For passengers, duty free magazines provide a valuable resource for describing what products can be purchased and what great savings can be made. A high quality, well designed printed magazine provides a great opportunity to promote your full range of available products – from jewellery, watches and perfumes to spirits, cigarettes and gifts such as wallets, belts and designer sunglasses.

Airlines need to make sure their duty free magazine is appealing to read. For that, they need a professional and experienced team that can handle the design, production and printing of the magazine. Images of the products should be attractive and the sales copy must be well written and clear. Consideration should also be given to passenger demographics – products of interest to the average business traveller may vary considerably to those wanted by holidaymakers.

Design consistency across all printed communications is essential, so the airline’s brand guidelines should be closely adhered to. The right imagery, tone and content will play an important role in encouraging passengers to consider making purchases of products of interest to them. Other considerations include the inclusion of other languages and currencies.

Once the duty free magazine is in place, airlines can increase their chances of making sales with additional sales communications via screen and audio on their in-flight entertain, is to employ an IFE services team that is experienced at delivering cost-effective in-flight entertainment solutions to airlines.

As well as duty free magazines, a good and experienced in-flight entertainment provider can also take care of all your other IFE requirements for overhead, personal TV and seat-back AVOD systems to guarantee a first-class experience for your passengers.

From the best movies and TV shows to great audio channels and fun games, their programming and purchasing experts will create a bespoke entertainment package to suit your requirements and budget. The modern passenger expects a first rate in-flight experience and this can be achieved cost-effectively with the help of a good IFE content service provider.