February 22, 2024


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Best Time to Travel to the Island of Gods

Best time to visit Bali -【Guide 2020】

It is understandable that Bali is always crowded with tourists as an island with many interesting tourist destinations. This makes anyone who wants to visit there have to pay attention to the best time to travel to bali so that the vacation doesn’t end in vain.

The importance of knowing the best times to visit Bali is because your chosen schedule will also affect the activities that can be done there. So, what are the best times? Here’s the information.

The Best Time to Visit Bali

1. From May to August

First, Bali is more suitable to be visited in May-August. Why? Because the dry season happens during those months, as we all know Bali is one of the islands famous for its beautiful beaches.

So, during the dry season, the atmosphere is more convenient and enjoyable to visit Bali beaches. Enjoying the beach atmosphere with various activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving or just sunbathing and enjoying the warm sun.

But remember that May to August is Bali’s peak season, and the beaches will usually be crowded. If there are no problems with this, surely your vacation will be fun along with other tourists.

2. During Holidays and Festivals

Bali is not only about beach beauty. Because here there are also some very interesting festivals to attend. Surely this is information that must be sought by foreign tourists, including those who travel from singapore to bali travel.

The goal is none other than to get another memorable experience in Bali. Among the popular events and festivals on the Island of the Gods is Nyepi Day, which will keep Bali island quiet for 24 hours.

Then there are the Galungan and Kuningan celebrations, which are a holiday for 10 days and are held twice a year. Then there is the Bali Arts Festival, which is generally held in June and July.

3. In October, January and February

If the months of May-August are for anyone who doesn’t have a problem with crowds and high season, then people who don’t really like crowds can come in October, January and February. In fact, these three months are commonly referred to as the real holiday season in Bali. 

The reason is, in January, the rain is usually high, which makes many tourist attractions tend to be quiet. In this condition, temples, beaches and islands can still be visited. Just keep in mind the potential for rain that could fall any time. However, lodging in Bali during the three months tends to be cheaper.

4. From April to October

This time is the time for hiking enthusiasts. Bali is very appropriate to visit in April – October because this month is the dry season. Therefore, in these months, the weather in Bali will be sunny.

Bali has several suitable mountains to climb if you want to see the beautiful sunrise. One of them is Mount Batur. To get a satisfying vacation experience in Bali, you should pay attention to the specific months.

In addition, those who like when Bali is green can come during the rainy season from November to March.