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<strong>Culture and Beauty of Andalucia</strong>

Culture and Beauty of Andalucia

<strong>Culture and Beauty of Andalucia</strong>

Andalusian culture dates back to 4000 BC and has a rich history that includes eight centuries of Moorish domination. Before the Romans came, the Phoenicians were the first to settle in Andalucia, followed by the Carthaginians and Greeks. Andalucia was the birthplace of two Roman Emperors, Hadrian and Trajan, as well as the famed Roman historian Seneca.

If someone mentions “traditional” Spanish culture, they’re almost always referring to Andalusian culture. Andalucia is known for its singing, guitar-wielding musicians who perform during fiestas with throngs of flamenco dancers. This is the Spain of opera and 19th-century literature. It’s the Spain of rash bullfighting, which continues despite animal rights activists’ protests.

Andalusia offers 300 days of sunlight every year, which is one of the main attractions that makes it such a popular place for property buying. Furthermore, despite its tourist appeal, there are many areas where you may get away from the bustle and feel really Spanish.

Day vacations, road trips, getting away and seeing the sights; knowing what’s worth seeing in the region is essential if you are looking to buy Andalucia properties for sale. Andalusia’s ancient landmarks range from Grenada’s Alhambra, with its Islamic-style double arches, to Seville’s massive cathedral.

The kindness of the people of southern Spain has made it a popular tourist destination for many years. The region’s beautiful charm quickly helps tourists feel at ease, incorporating them into Andalusia’s land and culture. This happiness pervades Andalusia’s streets, especially in the summer, and it’s contagious. A typical Andalucian is a kind person who is happy to serve others, especially travellers, which has made southern Spain a popular tourist destination for years.

In a nourishing and pleasant market environment, natural and local goods that make up the Mediterranean diet are on show. Shoppers may not only buy food at the market but also get instruction from shops on how to prepare the items they’ve purchased. Andalusia is well noted for its high-quality crops and seafood throughout Spain.IMMO ABROAD offers 30.000 properties for sale in Spain with 8 offices and native-speaking staff with over 30 years of experience, do not hesitate to contact them for quotations if you look for properties for sale in Spain.