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Dublin Hotel Reviews

Dublin Hotel Reviews

Located near the midpoint of the Irish coast, Dublin the capital of Ireland is the largest city in Ireland. Dublin means “Black Pool.” It was originally founded as a center for the Viking slave trade.

Dublin is located in the Dublin Region or Dublin County and has a population of over a million. Popular attractions include Dublin Zoo, Museum, Kilmainham Jail, National Gallery and Guinness Storehouse.

Being a major tourist spot in the British Isles, Dublin is home to numerous hotels and resorts. Ranging from economy class to deluxe class, they can meet the various requirements of different people.

One-star hotels in Dublin are Gate Hotel, Caulfield and Tailor’s Three Rock hotels. Tourists find these hotels economical and pleasant to stay in. They also feel that the service in the hotel is good and that the rooms are maintained well.

Ripley Court Hotel, Harding Hotel, Riverhouse Hotel, Barrys Hotel, Citibank Hotel and Kingston Hotel fall under the 2-star category. These hotels have close to a hundred rooms. Some of them like the Ripley Court Hotel are located in the heart of the city. The rooms here are spacious and the place on the whole is very hospitable. But there are always two opinions as there are sides to a coin. Some travelers don’t recommend these two star hotels as they feel that the service is poor.

If you would like to stay in an Upper Class hotel, you can opt for Hotel Morgan, Hotel Morrison or Hibernian. Hotel Morgan is a four-star hotel and it is famous for its bar and restaurants. It has ample facilities like car park, TV, Gymnasium and sauna. Hotel Morrison is a modern-day Irish Hotel. It has 87 rooms and 8 suits. Telephone, Net connectivity, bar and air-conditioning are some of the facilities that it offers. Travelers find this a complete hotel and a great place to stay in.

Deluxe or 5-star hotels most suitable for business men and executives are Hotel Fitzwilliam, Hotel Le Meridian Shelburne and Hotel Westbury. These are some of Ireland’s finest hotels and are generally rated 9/10 by tourists. They have more than 100 rooms and are always kept clean and sparkling. Travelers advocate these star category hotels as they are first-rate in every aspect, be it food, staff, rooms or recreation.