February 22, 2024


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Jamica Beach Vacations – A Review

When you visit this lovely island there is so much to offer than just the white sand beaches and the other popular activities. There are many other fun things to keep you occupied like exploring the waters and the caves.

There were some fashionable young men in the 18th century period on discovering the Jamaican waters claimed that they get high from the waters as they are intoxicating!

This feature is all about exploring and we are starting with the lovely waters. If you want to try something different while spending some time at the sea and you need an experience other than the swimming, then fishing is a good option.

The Caribbean islands offer several types of fishing adventures because of the differences in the landscapes underwater. There are a number of fish, especially the bright ones that can be found in the coral reefs along the edges on some of the islands with volcanic activity; there are others that can be found in the shallow edges of the water.

Jamaica has some of the larger sport fish that have been enticing sportsmen who travel from all over the globe to capture them from the deeper waters. This island is well famous and popular for sport and deep sea fishing. There are fishing tournaments that take place during the fall in the September and October months.

This is host to two international fishing tournaments every year; you have the Blue Marlin and the Jamaica International Fishing Tournaments. These are special events that water lovers look forward to each year, so if this is of interest to you, by all means check out the dates.

The fishermen hook a number of large ones in these waters, including blue and white marlin, barracuda, mahi mahi, tarpon, wahoo, bonito and sailfish. It is very easy to try some fishing as there are charter boats that are available to take you on this adventure. There are a number of ways to get one of these boats and you can get all the information you need from the chartering services.

When you are on this seafaring expedition, you get to craft your own path and the islanders will be happy to guide you in the safe waters; you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.

If you are the true explorer and want to take it a bit further, you can check out the underwater caverns. There are amazing scenery that can be enjoyed as there is a lot to see from the numerous sights below sea level. When diving in these parts, you have places nearing thirty feet with astonishing visibility as you get real close to the many treasures. Some of the things you will see include coral reefs, underwater caverns and wrecks.

If this caving adventure is not enough, then you can check out some of the unexplored areas in the Cockpit Country. Here you will get exciting hiking trails and caves offerings for the true nature explorer. This is our next journey, but it is important to note here that when traveling to these parts, please do so with experience or local guides.

The Cockpit Country has been classified as the paradise for the life scientist with its undisturbed surroundings. This is where you will find the Windsor Caves which some persons refer to as a treasure chest. This is an area that is well preserved and grants access to limited persons on trips and is a haven for researchers.

There are features here such as a number of guano deposits, the largest population of bats and beautiful limestone rock formations. This too can be called one of the hidden gems on the island.

The Cockpit offers much more than just the caves; there are numerous species of animals and plants. This is also a good hiking location and you get to tour the area where the native Maroons lives.

You will not want to miss any of these experiences which offer a lot of fun out of the typical resort towns and perfect for the nature and adventure lovers.