February 21, 2024


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Let’s Travel to Thailand For An Unforgettable Trip

A Fascinating Trip To Thailand For Nature Lovers

Thailand is famous for its affordable prices, beautiful hotels, and splendor islands. A lot of people around the world visit this heaven on earth every year. This country earns a lot of revenue from tourism. However, in 2015 Thailand generated 2.4 billion from tourism. This country consists of natural resources and beautiful rich culture. The income collected through the tourism industry is used for the economic development of the country. There are many attractions and unique places for tourists to visit this wonderland. Hence, travelers come here to visit historic temples and beautiful cities. The tourists admire the natural beauty of this place.

Amazing People of Thailand

The people here like to work as a tourist guides and they earn a handsome amount of money. Therefore, the government of Thailand makes a long-term plan for the betterment of the tourism industry. The north part of this country is worth seeing. It consists of lush green and deep forests and a wide range of high mountains. There are many countries in the northern region of Thailand that have many old and famous buildings.  These ancient buildings are remarkable masterpieces of old architecture. This country has a diverse culture and population. Come to Snir Hananya to get the complete information in order to travel to this country that has amazing people. 

Tourist Attractions in Thailand

There are many beautiful places to visit in this country like Bangkok, Lumpini Park, Chiang Mai etc.


Bangkok is the modern metropolitan city of Thailand. There are many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in this wonderful city.Baiyoke hotel is famous for its free welcome drink and beauty. The staff here is very welcoming and hospitable. This hotel provides wonderful services and the cheapest packages for travelers. The great temple of emerald Buddha and the historic royal palaces are the best places to visit during your tour. 

An English speaking guide will help you during your visit, if you wish to hire one. He will locate the beautiful places to visit in that area. The Chao Phraya is the main river in Thailand, its water is pure and blue. For an adventurous ride,you can go on a bicycle tour. On this tour, you will find a chance to go to Chinatown.KhaosanRoad is better to enjoy a long walk.

Lumpini Park

This park is located in the center of Bangkok city. It is full of lush green trees and the jungle surrounded by big stones. This park looks like an oasis. This is an amazing place to visit. Here, the locals are found to practice ThaiChai. You can enjoy the boat ride, which is indeed great fun. This place is very cheap and you can enjoy your boat ride in the afternoon at affordable prices. The big Lizards are also seen in the river. These big creatures are quite terrifying. You can sit under the shadow of beautiful trees to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. This is indeed the best place for the visitors to just relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.


Chiang Mai

There are many old temples in Chiang Mai that are the center of attraction for tourists. For instance, tourists can go to the famous ancient temples DoiSuthep,Wat Phra, and DoiSuthep. Hill tribes are also worth seeing, here the tourists will get a chance to see the culture and lifestyle of the tribal people. These people are skilled and they make different beautiful handicrafts. The visitors like to buy these beautiful articles.

On San Kamphaeng Road you can find many local vendors selling some useful productslike pottery and things made from silk. You will really enjoy a long walk on this beautiful road. In Chai Mang, you will have a chance to visit the National Park. This park is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains. You can see many beautiful scenerieshere and many old villages.

We make your dreams come true. You can definitely make your Culture and Tourism trip to Thailand forever memorable.