June 5, 2023


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Make the most of your next vacation and go to Tanzania

10 Best Things to Do In Tanzania On Your Next Vacation | Travel.Earth

Africa has long been a desired destination for travelers all around the world. It is not only a vast country with diverse climates and ecosystems but also a millenary cultural background filled with diverse tribes, oral traditions, and customs. This makes it a unique land of adventure and wonder.

If you’ve ever felt you need to visit, but it felt that it was out of your reach and almost impossible, let us tell you that traveling nowadays is easier than ever. Thanks to cheaper flights, shorter travel times, and all the digital tools available to fulfill any country’s requirements.

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In case you have been contemplating new vacation destinations, we advise you to consider this rich land that is new to the average tourist.

 If what you were looking for is the possibility of enjoying warm, white sand beaches with blue waters, mountains, lakes, and wildlife, then Tanzania is the place to go. However, we recommend you pick beforehand your destinations wisely since this is a big country with a plethora of attractions that will be unforgettable.

It’s essential to remember that Tanzania is located in the great African lake region, which makes it a vast fertile land that shares borders with seven other African countries.

Suppose you’re interested in the entire nature experience and wildlife observation. In that case, you are lucky because Tanzania has numerous natural parks and vast savannas that serve as a home to different wildlife. One of the most visited national parks is Serengeti due to the yearly migratory movements of wildlife. Of course, there is a season ideal for wildlife observation in this location: springtime. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the search for water and fertile lands stops at any time of the year. With the proper tour guide, you can see antelopes, impalas, zebras, gazelles, and other wild animals that inhabit this park.

A bit further north, you can also find a popular destination, especially for those into hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing, Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the highest mountain peak on the entire continent and results from three massive ancient volcanoes in the equatorial line now covered in snow.

On the other hand, if you wish to experience beautiful beaches and tropical islands, we advise you to head to Zanzibar. It will amaze you with its numerous palaces and monuments that will take you back to times when it was the favorite vacation destination of sultans. In this archipelago, you will find luxurious or economical resorts. Here, you can enjoy the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the white sand beaches that only Zanzibar Unguja or Mafia Island can offer.

Of course, when traveling, the last thing you want to miss out on is the exquisite food. When you travel, it is essential to try out the local cuisine. This is not only because you’re experimenting with a new place but because you will learn so much from every dish, culture, geography, climate, or even altitude. With this being said, can you picture the food you would get in places like Sunset bar? Imagine the exquisite delicacies from the Indian Ocean right in front of you and the historical heritage of different colonies that have left their mark and influence in diverse areas.

If you think about it, there are no valid excuses to miss out on visiting Tanzania. This country has a welcoming culture and offers you so many options for exploring that it’s hard not to feel tempted to start booking your flights today.