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Mt Kenya Safari Clubs – Finest Africa Mountain Vacation Lodge

Mt Kenya Safari Clubs – Finest Africa Mountain Vacation Lodge

The Mount Kenya safari clubs, with its blend of romance, history and scenery has become a Kenyan tradition. Built right at the equator on a ridge facing Mt Kenya the site is truly magnificent-well worth a visit just for the view alone. The grand main building gleam white against the green sweep of surrounding lawns and there are dramatic views of the foothill forest rising to the peaks of Mt Kenya

The original building was designed as a dream home by Rhoda Prudhomme for her husband. As a wealthy New York matron of 50 Rhoda fell in love with the young French aviator who took her big game hunting on her safari in Kenya .she gave up all to marry and live with him in Njoro among the Happy valley set of the 1930s. The land had been owned by a Mrs. Wheelers who agreed to sell it to them as “only lovers would live there.” The Prudhommes called the house they built Mawingu, Swahili for the clouds cloaking the slopes of Mt Kenya

The houses with its many guest rooms become an inn in 1948 when it was purchased by Abraham block. In 1959 William Holden and two friends rested there during a shooting safari. They fell in love with the place, bought it and turned it into one of the most unusual and exclusive clubs in the world the Mt Kenya safari club. Sir Winston Churchill was a founding member as were Lord Louis Mountbatten Robert Ruark U.S president Lyndon Johnson, Conrad Hilton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and more during the last 40 years the club’s guest book has been signed by many famous of the world. It is now a “leading hotel of the world”

The Sense of history remains strong in the main building and the original William Holden cottages. There is an odd mix of colonial Kenya and the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood set. In the Trophy lounge are big leather seats and the walls sport antlers and mounted heads- the room oozes “hunting’ and “gentleman.” In the nearby Mountain View lounge zebra skins space with glossy photos of film stars. It is not hard to imagine these rooms peopled with film and celebrities of earlier days.

Today the Mount Kenya safari club is a large and complex organization .the grounds of over a hundred acres contain a wide and diverse range of accommodation. a whole host of sporting options are available and there are conference facilities shops and galleries hotel vehicles are even necessary to transport you from your cottage or villa to the main hotel . the fine and popularity of the club has meant expanding the accommodation and services to cope with the influx of tourist who visit

The hotel maintains a tradition of upscale elegance. There is a dress code for dinner there is live music for dancing and children must eat separately .the manicured gardens encourage sedate strolls. There is a sense of formality harking back to an earlier era a hint of snobbery and pretension. The Mount Kenya safaris club operates a s a both a club and a hotel. Although anyone can stay here there are also paid-up club members who get special attention

It is the setting of the Mt Kenya safari club which is also special so memorable. the view is spectacular. You look across sweeping lawns past the idyllic swimming pool to the dark evergreens of the foothill forests and further up to the clouds and peaks of Mt Kenya. Moving back and forth across the lawns is an amazing parade of enormous birds: marabous, peacocks, and cranes

There is a varied selection of things to do here. You can browse through the excellent art galley ride horses though the forests laze by the pool have a massage play a round of golf, visit the boutiques, shop for books or curios, and wander through the aviary the list is goes on and on.

The accommodation at the Mt Kenya safari club covers a wide range of styles locations and prices. you can have quite a different experience here depending on which room you get. For example you can be social and feel steeped in history if you stay in one of the rooms or suites in the main building. On the other hand if you want a more private experience you can opt for one of the lavishly appointed newer cottages tucked down by the river. You can be in a rather functional room with small windows or you can luxuriate in front of massive stone fireplace in a grand cottage with stunning views of the mountain. The options are wide varied and confusing.