June 3, 2023


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Person Hikes 1100 Miles, Climbs All Colorado 14er’s In 43 Times

I just recently hiked and summited my incredibly initially 14er a pair of weeks ago and it was unbelievably magnificent. Pretty much, the first point I believed of when I acquired back again down the mountain and to my vehicle was “where by and when is my future one particular going to be?”

Now owing to exhaustion, which includes legs that felt like rubber, by the time I created it down to the auto, the thought of straight away heading to summit yet another one was THE. Very last. Issue on my mind. Which is what makes Pawel Szafruga’s accomplishment that substantially far more extraordinary to me.

This gentleman not only summited all 58 Colorado 14ers, but he also did it without the use of a automobile, bicycle, or any other manner of transportation to get from trail to trail. He hiked each individual little bit of the way. The full journey, up and down the mountains and going from path to path was accomplished on foot and tallied up around 1,100 miles in 43 days.

Pawel’s journey began on July 14 and not too long ago finished on August 26. He said that his human body is nonetheless feeling the effects of his initiatives. He’s currently suffering some liver challenges and a affliction named rhabdomyolysis, which benefits in the overall body breaking down its possess muscle tissues amid extraordinary and extended pressure. Not to point out his feet and the pounding that they took.

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I won’t be able to even start out to visualize how tricky this experienced to be. Not only from the bodily grind but the actuality that he slept in a bivy sack for ALL but three nights (when he stayed in a lodge.) He managed to have many days’ worth of food at a time.


Right here are some remarkable quantities that put issues in perspective and make this that much much more extraordinary and bring about me some significant ache just considering about it and seeking at these quantities.

All of the distance up the peaks, down the peaks, and in between the peaks was traveled by foot and distribute amongst 3 pairs of path managing footwear. All 1,182.5 miles and 297,000 toes of vertical gain an normal of 27.3 miles and 6,800 vertical toes per working day.

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