June 20, 2024


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Pre-Book for Cheap Airport Transfers From Bourgas Airport

Taxis, mini buses, shuttles, are some of the vehicles available for Bourgas airport transfers and come at affordable rates. Most airports have are several different taxis companies set-up to offer passengers a hassle-free journey to their final destination. Most of these private airport transfer service charge different rates, so it is important to look at all available options.

Bourgas airport is located within a magnificent bay area on the Southern Bulgarian coastline, approx 10km from the city of Burgas. Burgas is the second-largest of the cities on the Black Sea Coast, and the fourth overall in Bulgaria, after the city of Varna, Sofia, and Plovdiv. The Picturesque seaside resorts of Sozopol, Nessebar, and Sunny Beach are within a radius of approx 45km of the airport to offer easy access to tourist and visitors.

Some of the major transfer routes include airport transport to Sunny Beach, which at approx 45km north of Burgas; can take half an hour to drive – although this time-frame will depend on favorable traffic and weather conditions. While those wishing to arrive at the international resort town of Varna, expect a journey of 120km, which takes approx. two hours to drive.

It’s possible to avoid some of the more expensive airport taxis by pre-booking a transfer service. If this route is taken, you are almost always guaranteed a fixed price, which doesn’t increase even if a flight is unfortunate to be delayed or arrives late at night. Also, when a reservation is made in advance, some of the hire car companies offer a ‘meet and greet’ service, this means you would have a representative of the hire company waiting in the arrivals lounge who than directs you to the waiting vehicle.

When pre-booking online or over the phone, it is often wise to check that the price quoted for a one-way ride to a holiday destination is all-inclusive, with no hidden charges. Make certain a quoted price includes the drive hire, all fuel expenses, and insurance costs. Taking a moment to check these details at the time of booking will avoid possible unexpected charges later on.

As these car hires services operate 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, a very reliable service is offered for complete ease in arriving at a final destination no matter how unsociable the hour might be on arrival.

Booking a 24/7 airport transfer service is often easier with the assistance of an online booking tool, these tools offer the option to input various data, such as the transfer destination, trip type (one-way or round trip), number of passengers, and pick-up date, to obtain an instant quote. Using an online tool of this nature also makes it that much easier to comparison shop multiple services to obtain the cheapest quote possible.

Price wise, it can be quite inexpensive to pre-book a taxi service, with a short trip to the region of Bansko you might expect to receive a quote in the region of 12 Euros, whereas, for a much longer trip to the region of Varna, you will likely receive a quote closer to the 70 Euros mark.