June 13, 2024


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Recommended Hotels Near Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is a fascinating historical destination to explore if you are in Central Java. The location is far from the city center, making many domestic and foreign tourists look near hotel borobudur as a place to stay.

Puzzled about finding the best accommodation if you are in Borobudur Temple? Relax, there are many recommendations for the best hotels in this area. What are they?

Recommended Hotels Near Borobudur

1. The Plataran Borobudur

The Plataran Borobudur is a luxury resort located in Borobudur, Indonesia. This resort offers guests an exclusive and unique experience with its stunning location overlooking Borobudur Temple.

The hotel offers luxurious accommodations, such as a spa, fine dining options, and extensive recreational facilities. The Plataran Borobudur is the perfect starting place to explore Borobudur Temple and the surrounding area.

Plataran Borobudur Resort offers a variety of luxury accommodation options, each with a private balcony or terrace overlooking the temple. Rooms and suites are decorated in traditional Javanese style and feature all modern amenities

2. Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel

Plataran Heritage Borobudur is a luxury hotel located in Borobudur Temple. This hotel offers guests a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the temple and its surroundings from the room alone.

The hotel has 21 rooms, each decorated in a different style. All rooms have modern facilities and offer views of the temple complex. The hotel also has a restaurant serving Indonesian and international cuisine.

3. Shankara Borobudur

Shankara Borobudur Hotel is a luxury accommodation located in Borobudur Temple. This magnificent hotel offers a fantastic view of Borobudur Temple from its prime location.

This hotel is also close to Ujung and Pawon Temple, two other important Buddhist sites. This is what makes Shankara Borobudur an ideal place to explore this temple’s rich history and culture. Hotel Shankara Borobudur has beautiful Javanese-style architecture.

4. Manohara Borobudur

Manohara Borobudur Hotel is a luxury accommodation located in Borobudur Temple. The hotel has been designed to reflect the architecture and surroundings of the temple and offers guests a unique experience. Facilities include a spa, restaurant, swimming pool and rooms with stunning temple views. 

5. The Nalaya Hotel & Resto

The Nalaya Hotel & Resto is an ideal place to stay while traveling to Borobudur Temple. This hotel offers comfortable accommodation, a delicious buffet breakfast, and a convenient location just minutes from the temple.

The hotel staff at The Nalaya Hotel & Resto are also friendly and helpful to their guests, ensuring your stay to be enjoyable. The Nalaya Hotel & Resto is the perfect place to stay when visiting Borobudur Temple.

Magelang is a big city famous for its many ancient temples, including the world-famous Borobudur Temple. Borobudur is also one of the temples near yogyakarta. For those of you looking for the best hotels, the 5 hotel recommendations above can be used as your options.