Regional firefighter’s climb on Mount Everest canceled due to COVID

Scott Coffey experienced been standing by, prepared to climb, but his hike on Mt. Everest was cancelled past moment when the Sherpas bought unwell.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — For the past few months KARE 11’s Alicia Lewis has been adhering to Minneapolis firefighter Scott Coffey and his journey of climbing Mount Everest. 

Our last update back again in mid-May perhaps, Scott was about to summit Everest after expending two months teaching and acclimating at Foundation Camp. 

Regrettably, just moments in advance of leaving items took a change for the worst on the mountain.

“We have been getting ready to go up and we have been advised we are leaving in the morning and then an hour afterwards conversation came that this was likely on and was obtaining delayed, and sad to say they experienced to cancel the journey at that place simply because there was no far more aid personnel,” claimed Coffey. 

The Sherpas, who help guideline the climbers up Everest, contracted COVID-19.

“While we maintained a superior bubble for our climbers, the Sherpas had a lot more difficulty doing that although they were heading up and down the mountain obtaining factors prepared for us to summit,” reported Coffey. “Fundamentally, all of them contracted COVID or had COVID signs up at Camp 2.”

So just like that, one more event canceled owing to coronavirus.

“It was a good deal of time, strength and cost and so extremely disappointing it was wonderful to be there you know… one more 7 days would have been excellent,” said Coffey.

Out of pocket, Scott states he paid about $75,000 to climb the the more than 29,000 foot mountain. An expense he is hoping his trip insurance policies will cover.

On the brilliant side, Scott lifted much more than $11,000 for the non-earnings Firefighters for Healing, which assists burn survivors and their families.

“I uncovered you have adversity you have to get over and offer with it,” stated Coffey. 

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