June 19, 2024


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Traffic snarled by bovine breakaway from travel trailer | News

Traffic on Highway 99 at Kettleman Lane was udderly snarled Tuesday when several cows broke loose from a northbound-traveling trailer.

According to the California Highway Patrol’s traffic incident page Tuesday morning, motorists reported cows running loose across all lanes of traffic at about 11:08 a.m.

“A very amoooosing scene played out today in San Joaquin County,” the CHP posted on its Facebook page. “There were cows gone wild… If at all possible, avoid the area. If you do find yourself passing through the area, please remember that cows don’t like to be photographed, just keep traffic mooooving.”

During an investigation, officers learned that the rear gate to the trailer transporting the animals had flown open, and one cow had rolled out onto the highway, reports state.

Several cows then began running along the right hand shoulder of the northbound lanes and eventually across traffic.

Reports state one of the animals was found on the Kettleman Lane off-ramp, and one had made it all the way to the Park and Ride on Victor Road.

The animals were rounded up by the early afternoon, the CHP said.

Motorist Michelle Flynn commented on of two CHP Facebook post about the incident, stating she was on the highway when the bovines broke loose.

“It was so weird,” she said. “A semi truck ran me into the breakdown lane by coming into my lane without a blinker or looking for me, and then I when I passed him a little bit later he flipped me off. The cows were way friendlier and obeyed more traffic laws than the truck driver.”

Many commenters on the CHP posts couldn’t refrain from making bovine puns.

“Very amoo-zing,” Maria Perez commented on the CHP post that featured video. “But seriously though. Hope no one (or bovine) was hurt in the filming of this action flick.”

This was not the first time cattle had been spotted running across Highway 99.

In 2018, a tow truck collided with another truck hauling a cattle trailer near Eight Mile Road, causing the trailer door to open.

As a result, about 25 cows broke loose as they scrambled across all lanes of traffic. It took CHP officers and emergency crews about 90 minutes to corral the animals, reports state.