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What Lies Ahead: Join the trek of a lifetime with “One Lady in the Himalayas”

Tracy Pawelski

“First you make a choice,” a close friend the moment advised Tracy Pawelski. “Then you make it the ideal final decision.”

Tracy’s “One Lady in the Himalayas” chronicles that figurative journey by way of a authentic journey along Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit, a rugged trek main via Hindu lowlands and Buddhist highlands. Tracy manufactured the choice to hike Nepal, and even when the trek does not go as planned, we fulfill her adapting and crafting a journey of discovery—discovery of a earth of wondrous beauty and inner strengths.

Viewers of Tracy’s “One Woman’s Camino” know she doesn’t shy from exploration. Experience travel, she has realized in excess of the decades, transitions her from a single period of lifestyle to the subsequent. She has explored Mayan ruins as a younger woman between vocation moves. She discovered religious development she did not know she was seeking on Spain’s El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Tracy, a Harrisburg area resident, has also braved the wilds of political and corporate America (and in scenario you ever require advice on how a grocery chain responds when a black widow spider seems in a customer’s grapes—well, Tracy is your girl).

But the pleasure of Tracy’s journey is her willingness to peel away the veneer from the self-assurance that an American woman—careerist, wife, mother—must undertaking in a world where by the survivors are the winners. Did she make the suitable final decision to fly to Nepal? It created feeling at the time, and even as concerns crept, she stayed real to her instinct. Was this the golden ticket to the mysteries of her soul? The option presented itself, so she seized it.

Readers choose a complicated journey with Tracy. Challenging physically. Complicated mentally. Trademark touches of humor enable lighten the load. Women of all ages, she says, are “naturally gifted conclusion-makers,” tasked each day with mundane conclusions on what to have on for the significant pitch, how to get a balanced meal on the desk, when to contact mom. Most “are made in a split 2nd. No 2nd-guessing. No gnashing of enamel. Properly, except for what to have on.”

Relatable times this kind of as these hold us trekking with Tracy. She gives us the Nepal of earthquakes and snow squalls and monsoons and political dysfunction. She also presents us the Nepal of hospitality and service and youngsters whose smiles brighten the days. “Despite challenging odds and demoralizing situations, the heart-warming, beneficial spirit of the Nepalese individuals is what you see very first and what you recall final,” she writes.

Tracy shares snapshots of Nepali lifestyle. Schoolchildren climbing down from the roof of a bus, their uniforms immaculate. Hindu funeral pyres cremating the useless. Sipping a beer in a touristy watering hole known as the Jesse James Bar. Waiting around to capture a glimpse of the Kumari, or Residing Goddess, a sequestered young girl decided on to imbue blessings and predictions—but only until she has her very first time period.

Leaving rigidity guiding serves Tracy perfectly. Her journey is beset with difficulties. Just after 1 betrayal, she has to “swallow a heavy dollop of suspicion it tastes like vinegar in my mouth.” Every single setback presents a new selection issue. She assesses her capability to endure, generally thinking on her weary toes. Just about every time it appears she must switch back again, she plunges forward. “I didn’t occur all this way not to adapt to a new established of circumstances,” she suggests at a single crossroads.

Amid wondrous waterfalls and breathtaking mountain overlooks, the stoicism and humor she learns from a pair of British trekkers will come in useful. After spotting langur monkeys deep into a single day’s trek, she asks her guide, Ram, how very long until they reach the upcoming village. The heart-sinking answer: Two extra several hours.

“While Ram doesn’t always give me the respond to I am hoping for, he does his task so that I can do mine: speed myself and get my head in the right spot so that I can mentally get ready for what lies ahead,” she writes.

Whether she is in corporate The united states or the mountains of Nepal, Tracy does her position. Reminding us that adventure typically will come with a significant dose of drudgery, she shares her thoughts trick for ascending mountains in the celestial altitudes, concentrating on practically nothing but the moment as she coaxes her entire body onward. “One foot. Up coming foot. Repeat.” She is rewarded by the panorama of the Himalayas from the top rated of the summit.

Tracy manages to discover that no journey really worth the obtaining follows a straight line. When she eventually hangs a string of Tibetan flags in excess of a glacier to mark the journey’s conclusion, she normally takes a second to say a prayer of thanks. She remembers the Buddhist monk who blessed the flags and miracles “if he threw a couple detours into my journey to check my solve. If so, he surely succeeded.”

Maybe it is not blessings Tracy leaves Nepal with, but forgiveness—above all, self-forgiveness when matters really don’t go as planned. Studying how to are living with your conclusions, she realizes, is better than beating yourself up for errors. It’s possible she wasn’t quite completely ready for this exam, but that was Ok.

“If you wait around until you imagine you’re ready,” she says, “you may well never act.”

For a lot more information and facts, check out www.tracypawelski.com.

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