February 25, 2024


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What’s To Know About Travel Nursing Jobs in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is a good place for people who love outdoor adventures such as biking, hiking, spelunking, and rock climbing. If you are an adventurous nurse then travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma are for you. Being able to do your passion and expand your career will be a good accomplishment and you can do this by grabbing a travel nurse job in Oklahoma.


Things To Know About Travel Nurse Jobs  in Oklahoma

Assignment Period

For each destination time, a certain assignment period is given to the travel nurse, usually each assignment lasts for thirteen weeks or more, depending on the need of the medical facility. The good thing about this is travel nurses can extend their assignments if they both agreed with the medical facility. Some renewals can happen several times. If ever the extension is not needed, travel nurse agencies can assign their travel nurses to their next destination.

Travel Nurses Can Take a Time Off

Travel nursing in Oklahoma allows travel nurses to take a break after their assignments. This will be a good time to explore Oklahoma. You can start your adventure by visiting their National park and Wildlife preserves. You can also hike their mountains and do other fun activities being offered on these tourist sites. Taking time off can make you more energetic once you are ready to go back to work again.

Application Period

The application period on travel RN jobs in Oklahoma takes one to five weeks, not too long, right? Upon application, your travel nurse agency will immediately look for an available destination for you. They will be informing you of the jobs available and if you are interested. They will be arranging a phone interview and if everything goes smooth you can now prepare to go to Oklahoma for your travel nurse job.

Get Higher Pay

Travel nurse practitioners in Oklahoma can earn $39 per hour for the regular shift that is usually 8 hours. Beyond 8 hours is considered overtime pay.  Crisis nursing jobs in Oklahoma are also a good choice since they get paid higher.

Apart from the basic pay and overtime pay travel nurses can also have other benefits such as:

  • Insurances

Life, vision, and health insurance are offered to travel nurses once they start their work in Oklahoma, this is to secure them as well as their family just in case some unexpected things happen to them during their work assignments. This benefit can help nurses worry less every time their work gets risky since it is unavoidable to be exposed to illnesses and sickness.

  • License Reimbursements

Since the license is one of the requirements to be able to qualify for healthcare traveler jobs in Oklahoma, the expenses you use in getting your licenses will be reimbursed to you.  Licenses are important if you work as a travel nurse especially if you are planning to go for crisis travel nurse jobs in Oklahoma. Since this type of travel nurse requires more certificates to prove that you are trained to take care of patients with special needs.

You Can Get Assignments All Year Round

The good thing about travel nurse jobs is that travel nurse agencies can assign you jobs all year round. Due to the demands of nurses around the world, travel nurses can get new assignments every time one assignment is done. This can also serve as job security for travel nurses.

You Can Tag Along Your Family

Travel nurses can tag their family along on their work destinations and even their pets! Homesickness is an issue when working away from home and your travel nurse agency understands this concern, that’s why they made an arrangement where you can bring your family with you so you can have their support as you work as a travel nurse.


With all the possible benefits a travel nurse can get, nurses would be more motivated to work as a travel nurse and explore other Places while ripping all the goodness they can get as a travel nurse. Travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma opportunity can help nurses grow professionally as well as personally, with the journey they can take on each assignment they can surely earn and learn at the same time.