July 24, 2024


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Your Travel Biz Opportunity Review

Your Travel Biz Opportunity Review

“Work with a stable, ethical, well-managed company that seeks the position of the largest online Travel Agency in the World”

If you are someone who is considering the Your Travel Biz opportunity then you might have come across the statements above. Everyone wants to get a piece of Your Travel Biz while enjoying life but you need to get to know some actual facts before making a decision.

That is why this review was created for your convenience. No more searching on Google for hours and hours. Instead, you will get both the total overview of Your Travel Biz and some unheard news.

1) The Heart Of Your Travel Biz

Your Travel Biz is also commonly known as “YTB Travel Network” or just YTB. We wind the clock back to the year 2001 where a man named J. Lloyd Tomer; a retired Senior Sales Director from a well known insurance company had a vision.

He teamed up with J. Scott Tomer and Kim Sorensen with the goal to make Your Travel Biz a highly profitable company. It must also deliver a product with great value to the customer. Additionally compensates its members with the potential to have no income limits in the travel industry niche.

2) Just How Does Your Travel Biz Works?

Okay, here’s the snippet and we will be quick. Your Travel Biz provides travel booking services, vacation packages and entertainment packages through various travel vendors. You become a Your Travel Biz member by registering as a Referring Travel Agent (RTA) with a local sponsor.

Since online marketing has become a great hit now for home businesses even for Your Travel Biz, you need a website. Hence, you will have access to Your Travel Biz (YTB Travel Network) replicated website with a ready made templates.

3) Your Commissions With YTB Travel Network

You have to admit that Your Travel Biz seems pretty alright on commissions. If you are a YTB owner and someone books a travel package via you, your commissions will be up to 75%. Let’s not forget the costs too.

You pay $500 up front followed by monthly payments of $49.95. The thing is, Your Travel Biz leverages on a network marketing type of structure. So, you will have the most rewards by having a large group of people who signs up as an RTA under you.

An Honest Opinion

You could say that Your Travel Biz is a fair opportunity. The secret here is that you need find a way to earn instantly and not have to wait. Also, the key is to “market online effectively”. Remember to invest in yourself by learning this simple business principle.