July 20, 2024


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Treasure Beach Jamaica – A Tourist Vacation Paradise

This island was once the home for notorious pirates and buccaneers many years ago. This is where the treasure beach in Jamaica got its name. Today it is one of the popular destinations for visitors to the Caribbean and lies just a little over five hundred miles from the South of Florida.

With its unique scenic places with rugged mountainside, spectacular white sand beaches flanked by the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is an unmatched beauty that is always filled with visitors during the tourist season.

More and more, visitors are enticed to these magical shores from all over the globe to enjoy some of its world class conveniences. There is ease of entry to Jamaica as visitors can either come through the two major airports with international facilities, from the smaller airports, cruise ships, private yachts or arrange transportation for transfers from resorts or hotels. There is no hindrance to travel to Jamaica and you are welcome to stay for long periods.

There is time in the tourism sector when it is referred to as high season when most if not all the hotels are fully booked. This is the period from January to mid April and some persons will book rooms at the popular hotels from even a year in advance to secure there spot. It is very difficult to get rooms during this period, but remember that accommodation facilities are numerous on the island; you might not get what you plan for originally but you will find suitable lodgings.

During this time it is not only the rooms that will be in high demand, rental vehicles and sporting activities might be a little harder to get. However, there are lots of advantages to travel to the island at this time and that is why a lot of persons gravitate here. During the high season many persons welcome the change of weather from their homeland and get to enjoy some of the holiday offerings on the island.

This high demand also happens when it is the holiday period, with the numerous festivals and concerts the rooms are also fully booked. People always welcome the chance to experience the many festivals and celebrations that takes place this time of the year. There are numerous festivities to keep you entertained, such as the Carnival in the Easter week, jazz and blues festival and numerous yacht events. There are so much other activities in Treasure beach Jamaica.

There is more than enough for you to look forward to and very quickly you forget the drawbacks such as lack of hotel space, waiting list for sporting activities and overcrowded pools and beaches.

There is also the low season that is from the middle of April to December, also referred to as the summer season. This is the time when you miss most of the tropical climate or as some persons say, the sun is missing from the summer travel. This is not only reflected in Jamaica but throughout the other Caribbean islands as well.

During this time there are fewer crowds. If you travel during this season you will notice the changes in the hotel, both in the amount of visitors and the services. You might not feel the same vibe as you would in the high season, the features and services might not be in abundance and some places even close for short period of time.

It is advisable when making your reservation during this period to find out about renovations on property, as most places utilize this time to do some sprucing up.

Notwithstanding all that, this is still a popular tourist destination and you will be given the best of treatment. This is the time when most persons on budget will travel too as there is not the high demand and you might get discounts on a lot of services.

They even use this opportunity to enjoy some of the activities that you have to pay for such as diving, fishing, snorkeling, tours and any other fun activities that would be available. You might just indulge in some good shopping and get to take home more souvenirs for your friends and family.

Whatever the season, you will not regret a vacation in treasure beach in Jamaica, this tropical paradise where you will feel the welcomed, both from the people and nature’s offerings.